The pure white pages of a braille book with its beautiful, embossed bumps, both convex and concave, touched me. I knew that I had to create something with them. I explore layering visual language on top of a tactile language through writing, printmaking, photographing, collaging and painting.
Inaudible Image (Braille series)Red White and BlueDetail:  We Used To See Color (Braille series)Cross Eyed (Braille series)Beyond Vision/ (Braille series)Red White and BlueA Half BreathBlack and Blue (Braille series)Detail of Cross Eyed (Braille Series)Detail of Cross Eyed (Braille series)Invisible Sound (Braille series)We Used To See Color (Braille series)Detail:  We Used To See Color (Braille series)Detail:  We Used To See Color (Braille series)Magic Garden (Braille Series)A Conversation with the Crescent MoonAutumnTouch To See the SeaSaudi Arabia (Braille series)The Middle East (Braille series)Tel Aviv (Braille series)Sandstorm (Braille series)Writing Between the Lines (Braille Series)Braille Trails (Braille series)Torn Asunder (Braille series)The Dark and the Light (Braille series)Graven Image (Braille series)Holding (Braille series)FanfareFive in a Row (Braille series)Detail of 5 in a RowDetail of 5 in a RowRabbit Run (Braille series)Four in a Row (Braille series)Holding (Braille series)